WATCH: Brilliant Ad by Citizens for Sanity - if This Doesn't Encourage People to Vote, Nothing Will

Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Ilhan Omar featured in Sanity for Citizens Ad (Credit: Sanity for Citzens)

A new ad launched by Citizens for Sanity is a brilliant way to encourage people to vote, as well as open people’s eyes to the fact that the far-left, soft-on-crime policies are wreaking havoc in our communities.


Pro-crime District Attorneys like George Gascon and Alvin Bragg, not punishing thugs who commit crimes, allowing them out of jail much earlier than their sentencing date is completed, is part of what led to the rampant crime and daily lawlessness. Politicians like Cori Bush (D-MO), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), et al. called for abolishing the police while they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for private security. All of that combined has led to lawlessness on the streets. Politicians can deflect all they want, but the truth of the matter is that citizens feel unsafe. There is only one way to feel safe again: to lock criminals up, hold them accountable for their crime(s), and keep them behind bars until they serve their sentence.

The ad says:

“You’ve seen the images. Hardened criminals rampaging without fear… No fear of any consequence at all. Instead, you are made to live in fear.”

It urges voters to “stop the woke war on police. Stop the far-left assault on public safety. Stop the radical left-wing love affair with criminals.”

The ad continues: “Unfortunately, this competition was over before it even began,” calling out “Biden and his radical allies.” The ad states: “Woke left-wing politicians are destroying girls’ sports.”


It is a brilliant ad; everybody should watch it and share it, to bring home the imperative of voting seriously — and voting out all the radical leftists.

Ian Prior, Citizens for Sanity strategic consultant, told the Daily Caller:

“Woke, far-left soft-on-crime policies, and politicians have unleashed a wave of rape, assault and murder in America. Citizens for Sanity is determined to educate Americans about the hyper-violent and hyper-deadly consequences of the woke progressive agenda dominating our country and its leaders.”

Before launching the ad, Prior said:

“The woke ideology of sheltered white liberals is a mortal threat to American liberty, security and prosperity. Citizens for Sanity is not an ideological organization: we stand for reason, common sense, objectivity, equality, the neutral rule of law, and open scientific inquiry — everything the radical left now stands implacably against. And we are using these messaging campaigns to alert Americans to the urgent need to defeat and repudiate woke insanity before it destroys America.”

Seniors, children, and women — all Americans — must feel safe. People who value safety must vote in November for tough-on-crime DAs, Attorney Generals, and politicians who want to fund and defend the police.

Law and order must be restored.


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