Andrew Cuomo Received Advice From Bill Clinton on How to Deal With a Sex Scandal

Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the one-time “hero” during the COVID-19 pandemic, now embattled Governor, was subject to a state sexual harassment probe due to 11 women coming forward and alleging Cuomo of harassment. Cuomo resigned in August of 2021 following an investigative report that New York Attorney General Letitia James released.


Now, according to an excerpt of a book called “Any Given Tuesday,” by Democratic strategist Lis Smith, Cuomo received advice from former President Bill Clinton about the multiple charges of sexual misconduct, as he fought to remain Governor. The advice allegedly came during the investigation, as he suggested Cuomo give a press conference to directly address the citizens of New York.

According to Smith, following the release of James’ report, Cuomo’s advisers reportedly told him his career was “over.”

The only adviser Cuomo gained sympathy from was Clinton, Smith writes. The former president told Cuomo to speak directly with his constituents. But advisors dismissed Clinton’s idea, stating if Cuomo held a press conference, it would hurt rather than help him.

While he was President, Bill Clinton faced several sexual assault allegations. After he had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, he was impeached by the House of Representatives. So, it makes sense that Clinton gave advice to Cuomo. As the saying goes, “It takes one to know one.”

The allegations against Cuomo exposed a variety of inappropriate behavior, such as forced kissing, unwanted sexual advances, and he also hinted at wanting to engage in sexual relations with a young female staffer. Due to the Cuomo dynasty in New York, it seemed obvious that Andrew Cuomo thought he was untouchable and he could do whatever he wanted. But thanks to the women who came forward, and Letitia James unveiling the Cuomo report, he faced the reality that no one is above the law.


Although Cuomo claimed to be “deeply” sorry for any of the inappropriate behavior, he denied the allegations listed in James’ report. He also blamed the state investigators for being biased.

As much as Clinton wanted to help Cuomo, advisors knew nothing would help Cuomo at that point. It was brave for those women to come forward, knowing the seat that Cuomo held and the influence of the Cuomos. If it weren’t for them coming forward, and James releasing the report, Cuomo might still be the Governor of New York.


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