Glenn Youngkin Mulling a 2024 Presidential Run, Met With Megadonors

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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin met privately with GOP megadonors, hinting at a White House bid.

Youngkin, who won the gubernatorial race in the state of Virginia in 2021, is considering a run for president. Youngkin won in a purple state, where 54.1 percent of the electorate voted for Biden in 2020.


Similar to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Youngkin wanted to empower the parents, not the teachers union. He wanted parents to decide whether their child should get the vaccine or not — without the child being prevented from going to school depending on vaccine status.

When Youngkin became governor, he spoke about Virginians and the needs of the people of Virginia. Recently, he has been speaking about the needs of Americans. When Youngkin was asked about a White House bid, his response was that he was focused on being the governor of Virginia. Now, he’s saying he is “humbled” that many people “request” that he run for president.

“I am always humbled by this request, but we have a lot of work to do today in Virginia,” Youngkin told FOX News last week.

When pressed by Brian Kilmeade if Youngkin is considering a White House bid in 2024, Youngkin said:

“I have not made a decision yet.”

It’s worth noting that Youngkin did not include former president Donald Trump while campaigning in Virginia. Trump and Youngkin spoke on the phone frequently, but Youngkin campaigned differently than many other candidates. He declined to invite Trump to campaign with him, as Youngkin’s opponent, Terry McAuliffe, mentioned Trump more than Youngkin while campaigning.


Republicans said their goal is to repeat the approach of Youngkin, winning over college-educated and female voters. Former Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp said:

“For the midterm, I think in each state you are going to see a different approach coming from Donald Trump.”

The GOP looks to win over the college-educated suburban voters who voted for Biden in 2020 but could vote Republican in November. Former congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) said the GOP should hold the people that Trump brought into the party but, at the same time, move into the suburbs.

“You don’t embrace him but you don’t dump him, because he is still the heart and soul of the party.”

The Youngkin playbook could be a blueprint for the GOP from now on, but it remains to be seen if it will work on a national scale. As Republicans look to take back the House and Senate, they are attempting to win over the Hispanic vote, as well as the college-educated and female vote.

It remains to be seen if Youngkin will announce his White House bid for 2024, but if he does, he will have GOP megadonors and a war chest of funds to run advertisements in crucial swing states.


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