Hillary Appears to have been Twiddling Her Thumbs for the Whole Month of August

I ran across this graphic which Hannity had on his television show last night, and it was so mind-boggling that I immediately thought it was some sort of mistake and went to check:



So I went to Hillary’s Campaign website archive, and sure enough, the graphic is not 100% accurate. It appears that Hillary had a rally on the 17th in Cleveland and she gave a speech to the American Legion Conference on the 31st. On a couple of additional days, she appears to have had major public fundraisers. But on the vast majority of days with a red X in the graphic above, Hillary Clinton’s own website lists her as doing… nothing at all. I mean, they have statements issued, but those are definitely campaign generated. And her website schedule lists major media appearances as well, of which I counted two.

This level of candidate inactivity is, as far as I know, unprecedented. It’s pretty stunning, actually. And you can’t really explain it by “Hillary was trying to keep her head down and let Trump destroy himself,” either, because she can still do fundraisers or small gatherings or controlled events to motivate her troops if that were the case.

Trump, if you are curious, has been holding rallies 6 or 7 days a week, often with more than one rally a day. Granted, Trump is playing on a different field, and he doesn’t have any TV ad money to spend so he needs to buy local coverage of his message by holding these rallies. And really, Trump’s schedule is not really any sort of extraordinarily busy schedule; it’s pretty standard fare for any non-incumbent, actually.


Still, I am not saying Clinton has to have a schedule that matches Trump’s – she can afford to play a little bit of hare to Trump’s tortoise. But what we saw in August was not that.

This is probably the most convincing evidence I have yet seen (much more so than Clinton’s fall on Sunday) that Clinton might really be suffering from some physical problem that she hasn’t been letting on about.

Now I don’t know, maybe there’s some benign explanation for this. Maybe Clinton’s website archive only mentions speeches that the campaign feels were especially significant for some reason. But this more extensive schedule seems to cover even the trivial events that Clinton was involved in, and on many of these days, Clinton either did a single fundraiser or nothing at all. Here is a list of the days when Clinton did absolutely nothing that is recorded on her campaign site for the month: August 2, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 27, 28, 29, 30. That’s 12 days without a single public event (I won’t say “off” because I don’t really know what she was doing, maybe she was busy doing private stuff) in a single month during the general election campaign.  That’s really and truly incredible. And the vast majority of the days that she did have something, she had exactly one public event.


Kind of a typical campaign day that you would expect for August of a Presidential year would be a tour of some local facility, followed by a campaign rally, repeat at least once and often twice a day. Hillary appears to have had four such days (with a single tour + rally) in the entire month. Far more common were days like August 26th, when an appearance on Morning Joe was the only item on Hillary’s calendar.

We all assume that Hillary would do literally anything to become President, but it sure doesn’t look like she’s pouring herself into this; either that, or she isn’t really able to.


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