Your Must-Read Story of the Day

I’ll tell you one thing that really gets under my skin – it’s the types of stories that focus on half-truths and single occurrences to paint easy targets (usually, immigrants) with a broad brush. Certain websites have made it a staple of their daily fare to run stories with screaming headlines about “Woman KILLED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” – the intent being to create the false impression that illegal immigrants are responsible for a wave of violent crime. Yet the actual research shows that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than the population at large.


One of the worst of these sorts of stories has been’s campaign against Chobani yogurt for employing Syrian refugees. If you’ve ever seen one of these stories, or even if you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to read this piece from James Kirchick that shows how intentionally misleading the “reporting” on this story has been.

That is all.


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