You'll Never Guess what Sean Hannity is Doing on His Show Tonight

Wait. Unless you could guess “spending the entire hour interviewing Donald Trump,” in which case feel free to change the title above to “You’ll Totally Guess What Sean Hannity is Doing on His Show Tonight,” in your own head.


Now of course, there’s no actual news-related reason for this to occur. Hannity has already had at least two of these exact same events before. Granted, it’s entirely possible that Trump will say the exact opposite of what he has said in the previous two, but the fact that Trump flip flops more often than John Kerry falling down the side of a mountain is not news anymore. And when it definitely happens, Hannity will not challenge him or even note that he’s totally changed positions.

This of course is all about helping Trump, with whom Hannity has developed a malignant, symbiotic relationship that has been beneficial for Hannity as long as the host organism (the Trump campaign) lives, but which might be fatal to him if Trump loses.

Either way, if you just can’t get enough of worshipful gazes in your life, you know which channel to tune to tonight.



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