POLL: American Voters Hate Trump Almost as Much as ISIS

This is one of those polls where you laugh a little bit and then cry. Via the Washington Examiner, voters were asked to identify what they perceived as threats to their personal way of life. In first place, the notorious terror group and serial decapitators ISIS, with 61% of respondents indicating that ISIS threatened their way of life. In second place, Donald Trump was viewed as a threat to their personal way of life by 54% of Americans.


Which, if you are keeping track at home, is not good news in terms of Trump’s chances of winning the general election.

Siginificantly, Trump was way, way ahead of both Hillary Clinton, Republicans in general, and the dirty rapist Mexicans that he has been demagoguing for political gain for over a year now:

Given six options to choose from, 61 percent of registered U.S. voters said they feel most threatened by radical Islamic extremists, followed by 54 percent who said a Trump administration frightens them the most.

Virtually the same percentage of voters (43 percent) said Republican policies and the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming president threaten their way of life, while 39 percent felt that way toward the Democratic Party’s policy platform and 28 percent toward illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. from Mexico.


There’s not a gentle way to say this, so I’ll just blurt it out: when over half the country views you personally as a threat to their very way of life, you are not gonna win a national election – period, end of story. Your best hope is to keep the country entertained and protect your brand identity as much as you can in the process.


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