Donald Trump Should Stop Messing with Gold Star Dad Khizr Khan

Donald Trump keeps saying that he’s capable of being the classiest, most Presidential person who’s ever run for President. I wonder when we’re going to see that, because in response to questions about Gold Star Dad Khizr Khan’s blistering rebuke of him at the Democratic convention, Trump immediately went on the attack, without bothering to even pause to thank Khan’s son for his service or acknowledge his parents’ loss. Just immediately attack, this guy is a liar, this guy probably wouldn’t let his wife speak, so on and so on. Even the classless liar Hillary Clinton had the decency to acknowledge that Pat Smith was probably in a lot of pain due to her brave son’s sacrifice before saying she was wrong.


Anyway, don’t feel bad for Khizr Khan because he has Donald Trump way outgunned anyway. If I were Trump I would stop messing with this guy, thank his son for his service, and move on with my life.

Khizr Khan, the soldier’s father, lashed out at Mr. Trump in an interview on Saturday, saying his wife had not spoken at the convention because it was too painful for her to talk about her son’s death.

Mr. Trump, he said, “is devoid of feeling the pain of a mother who has sacrificed her son.”

* * *

In his interview with The Times, Mr. Khan said his wife had helped him craft his convention speech, and told him to remove certain attacks he had wanted to make against Mr. Trump.

But on Saturday, he unmuzzled himself. “Unlike Donald Trump’s wife, I didn’t plagiarize my speech,” Mr. Khan said, referring to how several lines from a Michelle Obama speech found their way into Melania Trump’s address at the Republican National Convention.

I also wanted to talk about how he’s had three wives, and yet he talks about others’ ethics and their religion,” Mr. Khan said. “She said, ‘Don’t go to his level. We are paying tribute to our son.’


Read, as they say, the whole thing.

As I said, Trump really should let this one go, but I suspect he’s physically incapable of doing so. Which is probably not a good thing for him.


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