CHAOS: Bernie Delegates Plan to Block Kaine Nomination, Disrupt Democrat Convention

Bernie’s delegates to the Democratic convention are PISSED about the revelations in the wikileaks document dump, as well as the revelation that Hillary is bringing DWS onto her campaign and thus is showing absolutely no contrition. A group of Bernie delegates just sent out an email indicating that they are going to release their plan tomorrow morning to both block Hillary’s pick of Tim Kaine for VP and also attempt to sway Democrat super delegates to their side:


Bernie Delegates Network

Monday, July 25 at 10:30 a.m.

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown (1201 Market St.)

Third Floor, Conference Room 304

This briefing for journalists will address breaking news and emerging plans about platform planks, possible challenges to the VP nomination of Tim Kaine and other issues.

The independent Bernie Delegates Network now includes 1,250 Sanders delegates to the national convention.

The decision to attempt to block Kaine for VP is not just out of spite. Kaine voted for TPP fast-track authority, so his selection is a slap in the face to the Bernie movement. He also has what some Democrats consider to be a “bad” record on the environment. His nomination is as offensive to die hard liberals as Lt. Gen. Flynn’s would have been to conservatives.

I have no idea if their plans have any chance to succeed (I suspect not) but I do imagine they will be able to create a lot more chaos than the Cruz delegates did at the RNC.