If You Actually Care about Conservative Principles, Join Glenn Beck and I in Denver Aug. 12-14

Here’s the thing: it’s not enough, for the future of this country, for me to sit here and write these posts about the deception and fakery of Trump and other Republicans. It’s not enough for you to just click the articles and read and nod along. The future of this country demands that remaining conservatives take action to pick up the pieces and figure out where we go from here.

It’s not enough because the future of this country truly is at stake here. With the last semi-responsible party in America going completely off the rails into Trump-land, we all have to figure out how this country can remain a great place for ourselves and our kids and our grandkids to grow up in – a place that isn’t dominated by the ignorant economic policies, division, and small-minded hatred of Trumpism OR the totalitarian statism of the liberals.

Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Ben Sasse, Carly Fiorina and I will be in Denver in a little more than three weeks to talk about where we go from here. We’ll be doing more than just offering speeches, we’ll be offering activism training for conservatives who want to actually make a difference in this country instead of just turning over the country to the liberals and the Trumpists. If you still actually care about this country, you should be there. And Glenn agrees:

Get off your butt and away from your keyboard for a minute. Get to Denver and join us. Click this link and register today. Don’t let despair and indifference keep you on the sidelines anymore. Join us and continue the fight.