Is Mike Pence the Trump VP Front Runner?

It sure seems like it. Either the Trump campaign is actually leaning towards picking Pence, or the activity of the last week is calculated to make us all think that they are leaning towards picking Pence. Given that I don’t think the Trump campaign is capable of the level of sophistication required to pull off a stunner like McCain’s surprise pick of Palin in 2008, I am leaning towards this being legit.

From CNN:

After meeting Trump, Pence told aides Wednesday he expects “business as usual” in the governor’s office — but also indirectly confirmed that he’d accept the vice presidential nod if offered, and would remain Indiana governor through November’s election, rather than resigning his post to focus on the campaign.

“Even if I become vice president, I can fill out my term,” Pence told staffers, according to an Indiana Republican familiar with the discussions.

Time is running out for both Pence and Trump: Pence has to decide by July 15 whether to run for re-election as governor or join Trump, since Indiana law prohibits doing both past that date. And the Trump campaign has set an informal deadline for announcing his pick by next week — highlighted by the breakneck pace of meetings with potential running mates like Pence and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

That ticking clock has Republicans eyeing Trump’s visit to Indianapolis next Tuesday for a fundraiser and rally as the perfect chance for Pence to seal the deal.

I would say the odds are better than even toss right now that Pence will emerge as Trump’s VP pick. On the other hand, picking Newt Gingrich would be a much, much worse idea, so you can never rule out that the Trump campaign will go that route instead.