BREAKING: FBI Director James Comey to Make Statement Shortly Regarding Hillary Interview

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich is reporting that at 11am ET, FBI director James Comey will be making a statement and taking “off camera” questions from reporters. The FBI has not confirmed what the subject of the statement will be, but it would be shocking if this were not related to the FBI’s interview of Clinton this weekend as part of their ongoing probe into Clinton’s email practices while she was at state.

As noted at Townhall:

Over the weekend the FBI interviewed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one of the final steps in the ongoing criminal investigation into alleged mishandling of classified information. Clinton was interviewed for more than three hours. Top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills were interviewed earlier this year. Former Clinton staffer Brian Pagliano, who was hired to set up the private server in Clinton’s home, was given immunity by the FBI and has been cooperating. During a separate deposition conducted by Judicial Watch, Pagliano plead the Fifth more than 125 times. More than 2000 pieces of classified information, including top secret information, have been found on Clinton’s server.

After the interview, Clinton said she was happy to “voluntarily” cooperate the FBI and continued to call the criminal investigation a security “review,” a classification Comey rejected two months ago.

Speculation leaked this weekend that the FBI had decided not to recommend the filing of charges, leading Trump to criticize the entire justice system as “rigged.” Until Comey speaks, however, we won’t know for sure about the FBI’s conclusion.