Gary Johnson Proves Again that He is the Most Conservative Candidate in this Race

Gary Johnson isn’t really a conservative, even by his own admission – but that doesn’t stop him from being the most conservative candidate in this particular crapshow of an election. Johnson is already the only candidate who has opposed the deprivation of U.S. Citizens’ Second Amendment rights without due process. He’s the only candidate in the race who has ever even attempted to reduce the size and scope of any governmental entity.


And he’s the only candidate who is eschewing the increasingly ignorant race to the left on trade:

Asked about Trump’s challenge this week to Clinton on whether she would be willing to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on her first day in office, Johnson said if he were president, he’d sign the deal into action based on his advisers’ recommendations.

“I’m being told that the Trans-Pacific Partnership would, in fact, advance free trade, and so I would support that document,” he said.

As refreshing as the answer itself is the humility in acknowledging that this is something he is relying on the expertise of others to explain its significance, rather than going off half-cocked with ignorant rhetoric, as Trump and Clinton have both repeatedly done throughout this campaign. And further, I like that the purpose of the advice was to discover the end result of the policy, not how it poll tested.

Gary Johnson is not a great option, but he’s probably the best one available at this point.


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