Surprise! Pro-Trump Super PACs are Flopping

Boy, if you if you look at the fundraising performance of the Trump campaign, and also of the Trump Super PACs, you might get the idea that Trump’s supporters are a bunch of rabble rousing party-hijacking losers who have no interest in actually putting some skin into the political game. Sad!

After getting killed in direct fundraising in May, Trump’s Super PACs followed that up by performing even worse.

These groups – which have the ability to collect unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations and labor unions – have fallen well short of their expected goals of raising millions of dollars in the initial months of their formation. The controversies that have followed Trump since he effectively locked up the GOP nomination has been a major challenge, PAC officials say, and competition between the competing super PACs has further hindered the efforts.

At this point in the campaign cycle four years ago, the main super PAC backing Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Restore Our Future, had spent nearly $50 million. As of the end of May, three Trump super PACs, Great America PAC and Rebuilding America Now PAC, and the Committee for American Sovereignty, have spent less than $4 million, according to FEC filings.

Additionally, the three groups have raised a small fraction of the $60 million Restore Our Future had raised at this time last year. While Great America PAC is the only group to file monthly FEC disclosures that detail the organizations’ fundraising and spending, officials of the other two groups have said they fallen short of their fundraising goals.

Meanwhile, Priorities USA, the primary super PAC supporting presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has raised $85 million through the end of May and has reserved $110 million of television advertising.

Of course, Trump spent most of the primary senselessly bashing Super PACs and their alleged influence over candidates, mainly because he is kind of a dim bulb and doesn’t really understand how super PACs actually work. But now that he needs them to compete with Hillary, he’s totally cool with them.

The problem is that Trump cannot command support from anyone who is actually willing to contribute their own time, money, and work to the political process. Instead he gets support from people who attend free rallies and hear speeches about how Trump is going to take care of them. Free loaders, in other words. Liberals – some of whom don’t really realize that they are liberals. This is why he and his campaign were getting their ass kicked by Cruz in the delegate game before Cruz folded: because Cruz knew how to identify and work with actual Republicans who have been doing work in the party for years, and Trump did not.

I tell you, it pains me to see him struggle so, now that his free loading supporters have hijacked a party with a long and proud history. After railing against and demonizing the so-called “elites” and anyone who’s actually donated to Republicans before, it’s a real shame that Trump can’t find people who will donate to his candidacy as a Republican. A real tear-jerker. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a violin to play.

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