SHOCKER: Sean Hannity Endorses Political Opponent of Donald Trump

Sean Hannity has announced his endorsement in the New York Senate race, and to the surprise of many, he has endorsed a candidate who is running against one of Donald Trump’s best and oldest political allies. A man Trump has said that he has a “close” and “good” relationship with. A man to whom Trump has repeatedly donated large sums of money and repeatedly endorsed.


I dunno, maybe Hannity has soured on Trump somewhat to unleash such a vicious attack against one of Trump’s allies and endorse his opponent this way:


Well, look, it’s pretty sad when you have to include the fact that a candidate is endorsing the Republican nominee for President in your list of reasons to endorse them, but Trump’s endorsers are still pretty sparse so Hannity will take what he can get. And hey, maybe Wendy Long really is pro-Trump; I haven’t been paying attention to her doomed campaign so I will take Hannity’s word for it.

Just based on his actions, though, Trump is pro-Schumer. I mean, just based on his personal donation history which includes thousands of dollars out of his own pocket – more than he had ever personally donated to veterans groups prior to about a month ago – to Chuck Schumer’s various election campaigns. Meanwhile, how much has Trump donated to Wendy Long? Zero. A big, fat goose egg.


Trump has made it clear with his money whose side he is on in this race. Why won’t Sean Hannity respect the will of Republican voters and fall in line with what Trump wants to do? The only reasonable thing for every Republican to do in this Senate race is to support Donald Trump’s candidate, Chuck Schumer.


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