Trump Will Be Deposed Tomorrow

In one of the dozens (hundreds?) of lawsuits that Trump and his associated companies have pending in court, Donald Trump will give his plaintiff’s deposition tomorrow. This particular lawsuit was filed by Trump after one of the world’s most well known chefs, Geoffrey Zakarian, withdrew from opening a restaurant in a new Trump property after some of the offensive comments Trump has made during the campaign.

Says Zakarian:

“We share a different set of morals and values,” Zakarian said of Trump in an interview in March with Metro.

“My whole life is spent with Mexican-Americans. Seventy-five percent of my staff is Mexican-American. They’re my backbone. That’s a family. … I stand by what I did. I’m very happy I did it. I sleep very well at night.”

If Trump is elected (an increasingly unlikely possibility), expect this sort of thing to become a regular sight. After all, Trump is one of the most litigious individuals in American history. According to USA Today, Trump and his companies have been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits over the years, almost equally split between cases where Trump is a Plaintiff and where he is a defendant. In cases where he is a defendant, an overwhelming percentage of lawsuits allege that Trump or his companies stiffed or refused to pay vendors in full.

And, as the Paula Jones case illustrated, Presidents are not at all immune from being called to give depositions or testimony in civil suits that arose out of events before they were elected, just because of the office they hold. One can only imagine what Trump will say under oath when he is President of the United States trying to defend one of his companies from a lawsuit.

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