Mitch McConnell Thinks Marco Rubio is Running for Senate This Year

So, let’s state the obvious right up front: Marco Rubio has said a billion times that he is not going to run for the Senate this year. If he reads this post, it might cause another storm of angry tweets denying that he is going to run. All of that having been said, there are increasing signs that his denials… may not be as firm as previously believed.

First, there were his comments on Hugh Hewitt yesterday to the effect that he might ought to reconsider his decision after the Orlando attacks. Then this morning, Mitch McConnell signaled his belief that Rubio will run:

Assessing Republicans’ chances for hanging on to the Senate come November, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday offered another not-so-subtle push to get Marco Rubio to reconsider his decision not to seek reelection.

* * *

In Florida, McConnell added, “we hope our candidate will end up being Marco Rubio.

Now listen – Mitch McConnell does not have to just wonder what Marco Rubio is thinking. He’s got Rubio’s phone number and can call him any time he wants. And if McConnell is out there saying this in public, when there are in fact other people who are actively vying for this seat, means that he has somehow gotten the impression from Rubio that there is a real chance he will run again. And, frankly, McConnell is likely right that Rubio running would be the best chance for Republicans to keep this seat in November.

One way or another, we’ll know soon about Rubio’s intentions with regards to the Senate seat he currently holds.