Deb Fischer Marches in Lockstep with Party Orders, Still Thinks Trump is Great

Of all the people who have embarrassed themselves by prostrating before Trump, perhaps none has been so total and complete as Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer – who has somehow managed to do so while flying completely under the radar. Fischer was elected as a supposed counterweight to Republican leadership, but since Trump has basically sewn up the nomination, she has acted as one of the RNC’s enforcers in the “line up behind Trump effort.”


For example, Fischer orchestrated behind the scenes an effort to embarrass #NeverTrump Senator Ben Sasse at the Nebraska GOP convention – and killed a resolution that would have condemned any Republican official who made demeaning remarks about women (a resolution that did not even name Trump or suggest that anyone HAD made such remarks).

Now, with Senators right and left backing away slowly and keeping their distance from the radioactive Trump, Fischer is standing behind her man:

Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., would only go as far as to say she disagreed with Trump’s comments.

And she made clear she was not backing off her endorsement of his candidacy. Instead, she took a shot at the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“Our candidate is not under an FBI investigation,” Fischer said.






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