Trump on Republicans Who are Withdrawing Their Endorsement: "They Have to Get Over It"

As he always does when he is in trouble, Trump went and hid behind Sean Hannity’s skirt tonight. Now, his campaign promised earlier today that Trump was not going to talk about the litigation or Judge Curiel anymore, but what they clearly meant was that Trump would not talk about it with any member of the media who might actually ask Trump a confrontational question. So obviously, Sean Hannity’s show is an exception.


Anyway, Trump’s statement in this interview is truly something to behold:


No, dude, they do NOT have to get over it. You are not their boss, they are elected officials from a coequal branch of government. It is their prerogative to NOT get over the embarrassing crap you spew forth day after day which makes their own election chances more difficult.

And keep in mind, not everyone who has slammed Trump’s comments about Curiel is someone who has opposed him. Paul Ryan endorsed Trump like four days ago. Marco Rubio did so last week. Bob Corker has always been Trump-curious and lately has been openly auditioning for Trump’s VP. Newt Gingrich has been doing so since at least January. It isn’t just Trump’s haters and opponents who are bothered by Trump’s open racism, it’s almost literally everyone – including people who have recently endorsed him, and some who have endorsed him for months.


But hey, keep telling yourself that, Trump. Don’t worry; Hannity will always be there to smile and nod and tell you everything is okay.


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