WOW: @JakeTapper Blasts the Media's Indifference to State Department "Censorship"

Some months back, the State Department surreptitiously edited a portion of a 2013 press briefing to remove some comments by Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki. The specific exchange that was edited out was a question that was asked by Fox News’ James Rosen about whether officials ever lie to the public to protect national security. Psaki’s response, essentially, was that “diplomacy needs privacy,” which is another way of saying yes.

The administration initially blamed the deletion of the exchange on a “technical glitch.” As Jay pointed out last night, the State Department is now admitting that was a lie. Now, you might not have heard of this particular story because the media has been studiously ignoring it. And CNN’s Jake Tapper finds that troubling. And he further blasted most of the media for agreeing to go along with the manifest lies of the Obama State Department because of their partisan biases.

Asked for his thoughts about the State Department’s admission on Wednesday that it edited a 2013 press briefing to remove comments by a spokeswoman — Foggy Bottom initially passed off the omission as a technical glitch — CNN’s Jake Tapper told WMAL radio’s “Mornings on the Mall” program on Thursday that his fellow journalists need to speak out with their disapproval of such shenanigans.

“Well, that looks like a completely cut-and-dried case of censorship. They took something they didn’t like and pretended it didn’t happen,” Mr. Tapper complained, noting that he would discuss the scandal some are dubbing “Glitchgate” on his “The Lead” program later in the day.

“People in the media whose personal leanings might be sympathetic to President Obama and to President Obama’s State Department should not let their personal bias get in the way of the fact that this is a true outrage,” Mr. Tapper added.

“And if they allow and accept this happening today, then they cannot complain when, you know, hypothetically, President Trump and Secretary of State Omarosa do the same thing[.]”

Tapper is exactly right, even if he did cause me to have a bit of a heart attack with that “Secretary of State Omarosa” bit. And the fact that he is practically the only one saying this is proof of what conservatives have been saying about the media for years.


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