Media Finally Goads Trump into Giving, errr, Pledging His Own Money to Vets

Media Finally Goads Trump into Giving, errr, Pledging His Own Money to Vets

After months and months of hounding by the media, in particular the Washington Post, Donald Trump has finally been shamed into at least stating a hypothetical definition for the $1M of his own money he pledged to give to Veterans at his “Trump for Veterans” rally in Iowa.

Over the months, Trump has dodged, waffled, and equivocated about this money, which he repeatedly claimed he gave out of his own pocket, to show how much he really cares about vets. Now, at long last – and by at long last, I mean last night, Donald Trump has actually found a group that he is willing to give money to.

Almost four months after saying he would give $1 million of his own money to veterans’ causes, Republican candidate Donald Trump moved to fulfill that pledge on Monday evening — promising the entire sum to a single charity.

Trump said in an interview Tuesday that he pledged the $1 million to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation. The mogul notified the group’s chairman, retired FBI official James Kallstrom, in a phone call sometime Monday night, according to Kallstrom’s wife, Sue Kallstrom.

Here’s a few things. First of all, does anyone believe that if Fahrenthold and others had not relentlessly hounded Trump that he ever would have given a cent of his own money to these groups? If he ever for a second actually planned to give this money before the Washington Post shamed him into it, then why did he – for the first time late last night – call someone and promise to give the money?

And second, note that Donald Trump has still not actually given the money. He’s made a phone call and promised to give the money. Given his track record on this issue, it’s going to take another several months of constant questions about this before Trump actually coughs up a check. Or, based on how he’s dealt with the release of his tax returns, he might never give this money, based on some ridiculous BS reason.

Bottom line here: Trump has still given no money, and if he hadn’t been embarrassed into it, he would never have even promised to give an identifiable group the money, but he wanted to brag about giving the money. What a dirtbag.

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