How #RSG16 is Different From Any Other Political Event This Year

In just a few months, we’ll be in Denver, Colorado, for our annual RedState Gathering – a chance to rally with hundreds of conservatives 90 days before the most important election of our lifetime.



So, what is it exactly that makes RedState Gathering special?



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Unlike other political conferences, we’ve staked our reputation on bringing you the most influential names in conservatism in a highly engaging, grassroots setting.


We get it. You only want to hear from true, dedicated conservatives. So do we. We create an agenda relevant to the base, without hidden agendas or political favors. Our speakers are well suited to update, respond and discuss the most breaking and crucial issues of our movement.


Register for RedState Gathering 2016 today and save $50 off your registration!


In addition, the 2016 RedState Gathering is a chance to ask leaders in the conservative movement your questions and receive real answers. Here, you’re not just another face in the crowd, but a well-studied activist who comes equipped with some of your own ideas to contribute.



Here on the site, we pride ourselves in holding candidates accountable – on both the Republican and Democratic tickets. The Gathering is an extension of this belief, and we’re welcoming several state and local-level Colorado campaigns to update us on their progress.


There’s still time to register for RedState Gathering 2016, but with dozens of political organizations, the best conservative speakers, and a chance to really make a difference during this 2016 election – don’t miss out on your chance to save your spot.


We can’t wait to see you there.


Register for RedState Gathering 2016 today and save $50 off your registration!



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