Priebus on Trump's Minority Outreach: "He's Trying" (Bless His Heart)

Reince Priebus isn’t from the South, so the “Bless His Heart” part is really just implied instead of explicitly stated. Reporters were grilling Reince this morning on Trump’s hilariously awful hispandering tweet yesterday in which he proclaimed “I love hispanics!” while cheerfully eating what appeared to be a Wendy’s Taco Salad.


More or less everyone had fun at Trump’s expense yesterday, because he genuinely seemed not to understand how lame and actually offensive his effort was. I even had a buddy photoshop this parody which previews what we can probably expect from Trump on Juneteenth:

Priebus’s response shows the unenviable job he faces over the next six months:

Priebus also said Trump’s latest stunt — a tweeted picture of him gleefully about to tuck into a taco bowl while stating “I love Hispanics!” — wasn’t a big deal. “He’s trying,” Priebus said.

But there was an undertone of resignation in Priebus’ answers and a recognition that these are the cards he’s been dealt, and he’s got to make the best of it.

Priebus repeatedly stated that it’s just been three days since Trump became the presumptive nominee, and that it’s going to take time for Republicans to absorb the new reality that the real estate mogul who has spent months ripping apart the party is ready to become its responsible leader.



I don’t really know what Reince should have said, but this is not T-Ball, it’s a Presidential election. “He’s trying” is not really an acceptable answer. He’s actually facing a general electorate now and whether his supporters acknowledge this or not, if he loses the Hispanic vote by 60 points AND drives up Hispanic turnout to the point that it represents 15% of the overall electorate (both of which he is on pace to do), he literally has no shot at winning, no matter how many angry white people he finds.

But, this is the election we find ourselves in.



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