John Kasich Delegate Watch: Kasichmentum!

John Kasich won a whopping 5 delegates last night, which actually makes this the most successful night John Kasich has had since March 15th. That’s right! Since Kasich’s huge win in Ohio six weeks ago, he has corralled a massive total of nine delegates, over half of which he got in Rhode Island last night.

So, a pessimist might say, John Kasich is still eighteen delegates behind Marco Rubio, who dropped out on March 15th. But John Kasich is an optimist! He knows that this is evidence that things are trending in the right direction! He’s getting one delegate and a half per week now!

What this means is that John Kasich will pass Marco Rubio for third place in the delegate race on July 19th! Just in time for the convention!

In fact, this should be John Kasich’s new slogan. Kasichmentum: Eventually we’ll pass Marco Rubio, maybe.