UT Students Would Rather have an Office for Diversity and Inclusion than Actual Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion is a worthless mess, as you might have gathered from its name. It does not do anything useful to actually increase diversity and inclusion, but instead sends out bizarre press releases encouraging students to, for instance, use gender neutral pronouns.

The Tennessee legislature finally had enough of this pointless lightning rod office embarrassing the entire UT system, so they passed a bill axing funding for the office and diverting it instead to engineering scholarships for minority students; in other words, they put the funding to use where actual diversity would be served.

UT students, predictably, freaked out:

Despite the funds still promoting diversity, students reacted harshly against the vote. After December’s study-in, the students on Tuesday afternoon walked out of their classes to stage a ‘die-in.’

After meeting with the administration and making calls to Nashville, more than 200 students participated in the die-in on Tuesday, as the Tennessee Journalist reported.  On those previous efforts, senior Jonathan Clayton believes students have been shown disregard. “We’re here today to show them that we care and that we demand that they change,” Clayton said about Tuesday’s event.

Many students lied down on the pedestrian walkway, while others stood over them. They then proceeded to mach through halls and buildings where they continued their chanting. Once at the Presidential Court courtyard, the white students stood in the center while the minority students stood around them.


Liberalism at its most essential right here, boys and girls: caring more about symbolism than actual substance. What these idiot students were protesting was the right for sinecured university faculty (who, I bet, were almost all white) to continue receiving taxpayer funds at the expense of actual minority students learning an actual useful skill (engineering).

I would say I’m glad I went to Vanderbilt but frankly they are no better.

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