Will We Ever Find the Bottom of Donald Trump's Ignorance?

I think most of us have a family member who is kind of similar to Donald Trump. This family member has probably had some amount of success in business or some other personal endeavor, and feels that this makes them qualified to opine loudly on every item of world affairs that comes down the pike.


Generally, this person will opine loudly and confidently that the solution to basically every problem can be shoehorned into some paradigm that has served them well in their professional endeavors, and that if only the idiots in Washington did this one simple thing (that only they in their infinite wisdom have ever come up with, everything would be fine).

The polite thing to do with such people is to smile and nod along because generally speaking, to disagree is to point out that they are fundamentally ignorant of so many facts that to point them out would be embarrassing and impolite. After all, what does it hurt to let your cantankerous drunken uncle believe that he has a Cassandra Complex?

Unfortunately for America, one of those people is running for President and has at least a reasonable shot of securing one of the two major parties’ nominations. The last two weeks have been a basically unending exposé of Trump’s failure to understand basic facts about how the world works.

Most recently, our loudmouth uncle was confidently blathering on about how he could fix our national deficit by negotiating better trade deals. Unfortunately, what this entire exchange shows was that Trump doesn’t even understand that “national deficit” and “trade deficit” are not the same thing – and in fact are not even related to one another. We could have trade surpluses with every nation on the planet and still have a massive national deficit.

Before that, Trump was opining that it would be a matter of complete indifference to America if Japan and North Korea started launching nukes at one another (a facially insane claim on its face just based on the effect such an event would have on the global economy, just for starters), but even more nonsensically he claimed that Japan’s mighty military could take care of the problem. As you might be aware if you know your rectal canal from a hole in the ground, Japan has been constitutionally prohibited from having a standing army since World War 2.


But let’s not stop there – how about the incalculable damage Trump did to the pro-life movement last week by not knowing what to say about whether a woman should be punished for having an abortion. He finished off his week of unending disaster by declaring that abortion laws shouldn’t be changed at all, even though he believes abortion is murder. It’s just one kind of murder that should be legal, I guess.

Every time you think Trump has hit rock bottom in terms of showing that he really has no clue what he is talking about and is completely out of his depth in opining about literally any matter involving public policy, he breaks out a shovel. The only question right now is how low he will go and who all he will take down with him.


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