What Happened with Frank Brady and Brady and Associates

Earlier today, I got an email purporting to be from a Frank J. Brady of Brady and Associates. The email used an extremely derogatory term about one of our RedState writers, and came (at least purportedly) from Mr. Brady’s business email address.


I get about 2 or 3 dozen hate emails a day here, roughly 98% of which are from Trump supporters, and roughly 90% of which use language that is not fit to reprint in polite society. Most of it is hilarious, but the cumulative effect of it gets old. In this case, I was so stunned to receive such an email from a person who was so prominently associated with a relatively public company, that I actually wrote back and said, “I’m going to post your message at RedState” and received a reply that said, essentially, “Go ahead, I don’t care.”

So I went ahead and posted the email, which included contact information for Mr. Brady’s company. Some amount of time later, I received another email purporting to be from Frank J. Brady, who said he never sent any of those emails and suggesting that he had been hacked. If you do a Google search of his company, you will see that it says “this website may have been hacked.”

I don’t really know whether Mr. Brady sent the emails himself or not. There are two twitter account purporting to be Frank Brady of Brady and associates; one of them clearly looks like someone who could have sent the email I received, and one of them does not. Both have been around for a very long time. It’s possible they are both him and one is personal and one is business. Who knows.


In the end, I took the post down. Bottom line is that whether Frank Brady actually sent it or not, I shouldn’t have posted it. I am not one of those pretentious people who likes to look down my nose at everyone else and say we should all be above bare knuckle politics, especially when it comes to Trump supporters. I don’t believe in unilateral disarmament, and as long as they (and their leader) are fighting to tear this country apart, I am going to fight back.

But I still shouldn’t have posted the contact information for the guy’s business, and even if I knew for 100% sure right now that he sent it himself, I would have taken the post down. I won’t mess with a person’s ability to feed their family unless and until they’ve messed with mine. We can shout at each other on the Internet all we want but that’s where it should stay, in the absence of much more egregious behavior than sending an inappropriate hate email.

So that’s what happened and where the post went. Think of that information (and of me) whatever you will.


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