Trump Campaign Calls Breitbart Reporter a Liar

Well, the slow boiling feud between the Trump campaign and the digitial division of the Trump campaign (aka Breitbart) seems to have escalated a bit. Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields wrote a story earlier today describing her encounter with Trump’s thuglet campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, saying that hopefully the book was closed on the mater.


The Daily Beast reported earlier today that Matt Boyle reached out to the Trump campaign for an explanation and was told, basically, “Sorry, we didn’t know she was from Breitbart.”

The Trump campaign has issued a response, and they flat out call Fields a liar.


Fields, for her part, is firing back, pointing out that other journalists were there, witnessed it, and have written about it.  


She’s also posted a picture of where Lewandowski allegedly bruised her arm:

Meanwhile, over at Breitbart, there seems to be a small internal war erupting over whether they can stand behind their own reporter for being assaulted by Trump’s campaign, or not.


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