Get Ready to Hear a Lot From the Victims of Trump University

Last night was just the beginning of the onslaught that is about to hit Trump about the fraudulent Trump University. Trump himself is being sued for fraud in connection with the sham program in which people were bilked out of $35,000 (minimum) on the pretense that they were going to be allowed to basically go into business with the illustrious Donald Trump, and got literally nothing in return.


In addition to their lawsuit, the victims of Trump’s scam are speaking out in commercials that are about to blanket the country. The American Future Fund is promising to spend millions of dollars in ads to let people know what Trump is all about. Here are the first three spots they are planning to run.

As you watch these people, consider that what they are doing is actually very brave. It takes a lot of guts to go on national TV and admit that you got suckered by a con man. For every one who is willing to undergo the humiliation, there are hundreds of others who aren’t. And they have a message about the man who would be President.


This is the man who portrays himself as the champion of “little people.” There’s one thing that’s true about Donald: he loves the poorly educated. They’re the easiest targets for his scams.


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