This Stunning Texas Poll is Terrible News for Ted Cruz

If this poll is accurate – and I stress that’s a big if – it pretty much spells the end of the line for Cruz. Cruz has been counting on a win in Texas to keep him from falling into an insurmountable delegate hole to Donald Trump. According to this Emerson poll, Cruz has now been caught in Texas not only by Donald Trump, but also by Marco Rubio.


The top line results are as follows:

  • Cruz 29%
  • Trump 28%
  • Rubio 25%
  • Delusional Idiot #1 9%
  • Delusional Idiot #2 4%

Rubio has the highest favorability rating of all the candidates, including Cruz, suggesting that he has the biggest room for growth. When you add in the fact that Rubio has been killing it with late deciders in 3 of the 4 primary contests thus far, it suggests that Rubio could make Texas surprisingly competitive or even win it. And if that happens, it would be worse for Cruz than losing Texas to Trump (which would be extremely bad.



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