This South Carolina Voter Nails the Trump Phenomenon

There’s almost nothing I hate worse than the “man on the street” interview, because they always confirm my generally dim view of my fellow man. Occasionally, though, the media finds an average person on the street who’s really clued in to what’s going on and has something insightful to say.


Today, CNN found one of these diamonds in the rough. This guy, whose name is Brian Truluck (sp?) in 20 seconds, accurately broke down the state of the race, and offered the best and most concise explanation for the Trump phenomenon I’ve ever seen. Take a look.

REPORTER: One of those voters, his name is Brian Truluck, I met him this morning, and he is voting for Marco Rubio, but that’s not where he started. I want you to listen to what he told me about the other top tier candidates.

[cut to interview]

BRIAN: Carson is who I was for originally, but he’s, just, it’s… he can’t win. Kasich won’t be able to win. Jeb Bush blew his opportunity early on. I don’t think Jeb… Jeb just seems to be just, you know, going along with the family line. Basically, uh, he’s just kind of a puppet in this thing. He doesn’t seem to really have his heart in it.

REPORTER: Do you think Marco Rubio can win South Carolina?


REPORTER: Who do you expect will win South Carolina?

BRIAN: Trump.

REPORTER: And how do you feel about that?

BRIAN: I think the American people have turned into… they’re less savvy… the more news they receive, the less savvy they become.


Nailed it.



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