Jeb Bush: "I Should Just Stop Campaigning." (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush is not taking Nikki Haley’s endorsement of Marco Rubio very well. As Politico noted, Bush was uncharacteristically short tempered and upset in his campaign appearances today, dealing abruptly with technical issues and vowing to stay in the race regardless of what happens in South Carolina.

It is clear, however, that Nikki Haley’s decision to endorse Rubio stung him, and today on the campaign trail, this is how he reacted:

The more this campaign has gone on, the more I have come to like Governor Bush, and I don’t take any joy from his frustration here. But if he loses decisively to Rubio on Saturday, then it’s difficult to see a path forward for him regardless of what he says. And surely he understands that whatever he feels about Rubio and/or Cruz, staying in after that point would only help Trump, who he clearly views as a bigger threat.

There’s no harm in staying in through Nevada, which is only three days later, but if Bush finishes fourth or worse in South Carolina, I don’t know how anything can end up differently for him on Super Tuesday.


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