Here are some Polls for Donald Trump

Donald Trump was in Iowa today and he gave a speech that was (as usual) almost entirely about how great he is doing in the polls. I pulled out one 2 minute segment that could fairly be characterized as a single sentence. One of the services that we provide to you, the readers of RedState, is that we will go where no other website will go: we will attempt to transcribe the words of Donald Trump – and also helpfully annotate that transcription to highlight some of the worse factual errors Trump made during this speech:


Trump: So the polls are out, and I want to talk about the polls, it’s my favorite subject, actually, as long as I’m number 1 – if I was number 2… and I always get killed on the polls because the other candidates come up to me, “why do you always mention polls?” Because I’m number 1, and if you were number 1, you’d be mentioning them, too – but I think I’ve brought polls to a whole new art and a whole new level, I don’t think other people, even if they were number 1, used to talk about them, you know, but I’m different, I’m a little bit different, I talk about them because when you’re number one you talk about them – okay, ready? – so we have, uh, a new poll came out, NBC national, 38 for Trump, second place is Cruz in this one, 38-21, and third is Rubio at 11, and South Carolina, we’re way, way, way, way above everybody, I mean, it’s been incredible, uh, Reuters has us at 41% [note – Reuters has not ever polled South Carolina], Gravis has us at 41% [note – the most recent Gravis poll in South Carolina was from September and has Trump at 29% – no Gravis poll has ever had him at 41% or even close], wow, Florida, I just saw you have us, the one that just came out has us at 48% [note – no poll ever has shown Trump with even close to 48% in Florida (update: there is a poll that only shows up on the mobile version of RCP that does have Trump at 48% in Florida, so score one for him there], Georgia, we’re in the mid-30s, and probably the low 40s, because I saw one [note – this was a poll from the first week of December and thus no longer really relevant], in Connecticut we’re at 35% [note – I have no idea when Connecticut was even last polled because who cares], meaning we’re at 35, other guys are at 12, 11, 10, and 8, and 2 and nothing, they’re at.. some guys are at nothing… and I see them on television, and yes, we’ll never leave the race – you know they’re leaving the race right away, right? – I watch these politicians, I watched a couple of politicians who was at 1 or 2, going, and he said, “No, I will never leave the race,” you know he’s already planning, his people are already calling, can you hire us, please, and it’s one of those – they’re politicians, that’s what they do, they talk – all talk, no action – and that’s what we don’t need, you know, that’s what we don’t need. In Iowa, we have a great CNN poll [note the poll Trump is about to go on at length about was taken in November and thus completely not relevant], I told them the other day, I said, why don’t they use the CNN poll? Even CNN doesn’t use the CNN poll, because it’s too good, Trump 33, Cruz is second at 20, so I’m up by 13 points, nobody ever uses it, so CNN reports, and they show other people’s polls, that’s closer, I say, can I ask – by the way, they spent a lot of money on this poll – I think their poll is probably better, and I think it’s more indicative, it might even be better than that – I said why are you not using the poll that says 33-20, why are you using one that says 21-20 and this and that, and they have no answer, you can’t answer, you know what the answer is, this is truly unfair stuff, it’s called welcome to the world of Trump, or welcome to the world of being a conservative Republican, or welcome to whatever world it is. But here they are, they pay for their own poll, and they don’t put it up, so it’s a little bit unfair but these are minor details, folks, I wanna just – so, the polls are looking good, and everything’s looking good, and it’s so important, and, uh, uh, I stayed here last night and I actually had good steak. You have good steak and I’ve always heard that, you know? I had good steak last night, I mean you should have, if you don’t have good steak in Iowa, who’s going to have good steak? They don’t have good steak in Iowa, we have some problems, right? But you do.


Well, it turns out that Trump is not quite the polling savant that he previously believed, nor does he apparently even understand how polls work, really. Here, though, is some different polling data for Trump. This is the polling regarding Sarah Palin’s favorability rating both in America generally and among Republicans specifically, at least right up until the point that Palin got so irrelevant that they stopped asking the question:

Both Trump and Palin will ultimately be hurt by Palin’s endorsement of Trump. I can’t wait for both of them to discover that.


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