The Bernie Sanders Campaign Threw Hundreds of Homeless People Out into the Cold Yesterday

You have probably heard about Bernie Sanders’ surprisingly large rally in Birmingham yesterday. The entire media has been fawning over it, and over the success of Bernie’s calculated play to appeal to black voters in the South, which were previously thought to be his achilles heel. By all accounts, it looks like Bernie’s efforts were a rousing success.


To everyone, that is, except for the 300 or so homeless people in Birmingham that the Bernie Sanders campaign threw out into the 15 degree temperatures so that they could hold their rally:

An attempt by the Bernie Sanders campaign to court black voters ended with hundreds of homeless people with no place to go on the coldest night of the year.

As temperatures dipped down to near 15 degrees overnight, the homeless population of Birmingham, Alabama had nowhere to seek warmth– that’s because a Bernie Sanders rally had taken over their designated shelter.

Sanders spoke to a crowd of thousands in Alabama yesterday, an MLK rally in the place where Martin Luther King, Jr. had marched and been imprisoned. But the optics of a compassionate rally of and for the people eroded when the Sanders campaign decided it wanted to use the building typically reserved for housing the homeless on cold nights.

The building, Birmingham’s historic Boutwell Memorial Auditorium, was important to the campaign’s ongoing push to recruit black voters. Typically, the building houses around 300 homeless on cold nights; giving those with no place to go somewhere to be warm.

Many of the cities homeless were dismayed to find the building unavailable with no alternative location afforded to them.

“We’ve never had a night like this where it will be in the teens and we weren’t able to open,” said Don Lupo of the mayor’s office of citizen’s assistance.


You know, Donald Trump got a lot of well deserved guff the other day for throwing protesters out into the 10 degree Vermont cold without their coats, but he’s apparently a piker compared to Bernie Sanders. And as far as I know, the homeless weren’t even being disruptive to his event. Seems like a good socialist like Bernie would have tried to figure out some way to work this out but then, the end result of socialism has always been worse for the poor.


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