Politico: Jeb Bush's Donors Waiting for Green Light to Jump Ship

Here is a reminder that the people who donated massive amounts of money to Jeb Bush live in a different stratosphere than you and I do. According to Politico, although Bush’s donor class has already written 6 and 7 figure checks to his campaign and his Super PAC, they still have lots of money to throw around, and they are wanting to do so. Just like everyone else, they smell the stench of death on the Jeb Bush campaign, and they can tell that Right to Rise is a $100 million dumpster fire.


There’s only one problem – family loyalty to the Bushes prevents them from donating to anyone else until Bush himself gives the okay. Accordingly, the fundraising pitches Bush donors are now getting are a bit.. awkward:

Now the fundraising pitch is decidedly different.

Hey, I need you to throw away money on Jeb — out of loyalty,” a Bush fundraiser has told donors recently.

It’s a sign, once again, of the money circles Jeb runs in that this pitch is actually working.

There’s a major strategic problem with their thought process, though:

POLITICO talked to nearly two dozen major donors, and most say they are waiting for what one veteran Republican and former Bush 43 administration appointee described as the “family hall pass” to jump to another campaign after the New Hampshire primary.

“I’m resigned to it being over, frankly. It’s really disappointing,” said one top Bush Wall Street donor. “I’d urge him to get out after New Hampshire if he doesn’t do well, but he probably won’t.”


“After the New Hampshire primary” is going to be too late. As I noted yesterday, zero candidates from either party have ever (in modern history) won the nomination without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire. After New Hampshire, this is going to be at best a two man race, and at worst a race that Trump is running away with. If Jeb’s donors have an interest in playing a role in this primary, then their loyalty to Jeb is preventing them from doing so any further.


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