Nikki Haley is a Hero

Thank God for Nikki Haley. Everyone who is an even marginally public figure on the right knows by now that it’s dangreous to point out that Donald Trump’s popularity is in large part driven by xenophobia and intolerance that he personally is largely responsible for. Trump’s supporters do not take criticism of Trump (or his policies or his rhetoric) the same way the supporters of other candidates do.


Criticizing Trump, especially on the (somewhat obvious) basis of his not-very-subtle appeal to intolerance is apt to result in a deluge of incredibly ugly comments and emails, a large portion of which will be laced with veiled and not-so-veiled threats of violence. Nikki Haley had to know that her response to Trump (and Obama’s pointless State of the Union) would place her squarely in the crosshairs of an angry, slobbering mob – and moreover, she had to expect that the fact that she had brown skin would make it worse.

And who, of course, is responsible for that? Well, the guy who sets the tone for his followers, of course – Trump himself.

Trump: We’ll get more and more angry as we go along, is that okay? [crowd cheers] And by the end I’ll say, “Get them the hell out of here!” And then, by the way, by that time, the security will be so tough and so nasty, and you know what’s going to happen when that happens? You’re not going to have any more problems. You’re not going to have any more problems. Did you notice the first group, the security guys are going, “Oh, please come with us,” and they’re screaming, “please come.” Alright. Second group, they’re [unintelligible]. Now, the last time they’re starting to get nasty. Pretty soon they’re going to get so nasty that we’re not going to have any more protesting, you know that, right? Don’t give him his coat! Don’t give him his coat, keep his coat, confiscate his coat! You know, it’s about ten degrees below zero outside.


A good example of the reaction Nikki Haley has provoked can be found in this, one of the dozens of unhinged, barely literate emails we have received at RedState just for saying positive things about Nikki Haley. I’m leaving this email exactly as I found it, and apologies for the profanity and general craziness contained therein.

From: [redacted] 

Date: January 14, 2016 at 7:51:48 AM CST

To:[email protected]” <[email protected]>

Subject: Why I Will NEVER Support SC Gov Nikki Haley as Republican VP …

Erick Erickson is FULL OF CRAP.  I will NEVER support SC Gov Nikki Haley as Republican VP.


The actions that SC Governor Nikki Haley and SC Senator Tim Scott took against the Confederate flag in South Carolina WAS WRONG AND INEXCUSABLE.  What they did was as BAD AS BIGOTRY AND RACISM!  I am AGAINST THE CONFERATE FLAG (ABHOR IT) but what Haley and Scott did was POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (PC).  I WILL NOT TOLERATE NOR SUPPORT PC!  That is like BANNING FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!


I held my nose and voted for the RHINO Democrat Party ASS-KISSER McCain in 2008 and again for the RHINO Coward PUSSY Romney in 2012.  No more!  I AM FED UP.


I supported Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina for 2016 President from 2015 St. Patrick’s DAY until the last debate.  Dr. Carson is right!  I will never support a MUSLIM FOR PRESIDENT because their KORAN is not only their BIBLE but their CONSTITUTION.  I quit supporting Carly Fiorina when she KISSED Lindsey Graham’s ASS when he suspended his Presidential Campaign.


I will now ONLY support TED CRUZ or DONALD TRUMP (as a last resort) for 2016 President … THAT IS IT?  Nikki Haley is nothing but a RHINO ASS-KISSING CAREER PUBLIC EMPLOYEE LEECH!!!  When I look at Nikki Haley I see a RHINO Democrat Party BUTT- KISSER like Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan … RHINOS … BIG GOVERNFMENT … LEECHES!  RHINOS only support four initiatives – amnesty for cheap labor, big government, support the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and positioning themselves for after their career, corrupt political careers end as a THREE FIGURE PAYING LOBBYIST.


I SUPPORT former FL U.S. Representative – retired ARMY Lt. Colonel Allen West for VICE PRESIDENT!



Mister Ed

Kansas City


Trump’s allegedly more intelligent supporters haven’t really reacted with more restraint or class, as head Trump attack dog Ann Coulter suggested that Nikki Haley should be deported. Haley, of course, was born in the United States to legal immigrants, thus making her a natural born citizen, but see, Nikki Haley is brown, so saying she should be deported is a funny joke.

Keep in mind, Nikki Haley is no squish on immigration herself, as she unloaded on Rubio yesterday, calling him an “amnesty” proponent, and having been a fierce opponent of illegal immigration for her entire public career. But this is not a year where you can point to an admirable record on an issue and expect Trump supporters (in particular) to listen – a mob mentality has taken over, and the mob is busy eating the children of the Tea Party revolution that began in 2010, including Nikki Haley.

Personally, I am proud to write for a site that has supported Nikki Haley since the incipient stages of her gubernatorial run. I would rather have one Nikki Haley on my side than the entire teeming mass of socially maladjusted, incoherent-email-writing, angry people who seem perfectly fine with turning over the movement to a narcissist who has spent about five minutes pretending to be conservative, just because he has promised to build a wall that he in no way has the political will or ability to build anyway.

Thank God someone hasn’t been cowed by the mob, and still has the courage to stand up and call idiocy what it is.



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