"Did You Just Give Me the Finger?" The Greatest Exchange in Legislative Record History

Say what you will about politics in Wisconsin of late, but they have without a doubt given us some of the best political theater in the country since 2010. After Obama’s State of the Union, we all deserve a little levity.


The latest installment of the continuing adventures of the nation’s most entertaining political state features Republican Representative Bob Gannon, who was in an argument with Democratic House Leader Peter Barca about a news release that Gannon had issued the previous week.

At this point, the following exchange became part of the Wisconsin Official Legislative Record:

Gannon: “If Milwaukee wants to export something, how about you export safety and jobs? Thank you Mr. Speaker.”

Barca: “It’s bad enough, Mr. Speaker, that this release comes out. If the gentleman’s misunderstood, he can certainly stand up and apologize, and say ‘look, I’m misunderstood. I didn’t mean…’ Did you just give me the finger? Mr. Speaker, I’d like to make a motion to reprimand him! He just stood up — I’m sure WisconsinEye will plainly show him giving me the finger. What is wrong with you?”

At this point, according to Fox 6 news, the Republican Speaker of the House rushed out and forced Gannon to apologize. But nothing can change the fact that “Did you just give me the finger?” is now part of the permanent record of Wisconsin.



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