Rubio Responds to Open Borders Hecklers: "We're Going to Enforce the Immigration Laws, Guys."

Over the weekend, Marco Rubio spoke at the Kemp Forum, and was interrupted by open borders activists who were screaming about their families. You can see video of the protesters and their antics at the Right Scoop. Now, this might have been a good opportunity for Rubio to give one of his trademark polished answers, but instead, he settled for a simpler approach:



We are in the middle of a Presidential primary, so rhetoric gets overblown as people try to cut down any candidate who is perceived as a threat to “their guy.” Thus, I’m sure this post will get lots of angry comments to the effect that Rubio is no different from the protesters.

Look, even if you just flatly disbelieve what Rubio says about what he learned from the Gang of 8 in terms of understanding that comprehensive immigration reform cannot go forward until people believe the border is secure, there’s a fundamental difference between proposing a legislative solution to the problem (that includes penalties and an orderly way to fix the problem) and these idiots who just basically demand to be excused for breaking the law because… well, just because.


Regardless of whether you agree with Rubio’s legislative proposal or not, there is a fundamental difference between proposing one, and believing that the law does not matter at all. Kudos to Rubio for not tiptoeing around the issue with these protesters and saying the only thing that needs to be said.

It seems clear, after the DNC plant interrupted a Cruz campaign event last week, that Republicans will have to deal with these criminals throughout the whole campaign. So far both Rubio and Cruz have handled them well.


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