CNN's Ashleigh Banfield Marvels That White People Can be Fair (VIDEO)

I don’t even know where to begin with this clip. An Oklahoma jury just convicted an Asian cop (Daniel Holtzclaw) of sexually assaulting over a dozen black women, based on some pretty overwhelming evidence and an avalanche of victim testimony. The case laid out by the prosecution was believable and compelling. The jury, by all accounts, took their job very seriously, as they deliberated for a full 40 hours before returning a verdict that by all accounts indicated a thorough consideration of the evidence with respect to every count.


Enter CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield to comment on the case.

I can’t even tell from this clip which prospect that Banfield is more amazed by. Is it her belief that white people can’t possibly be interested in justice for a black woman, so she hates white people? Or is it that “justice for these people” is so inconceivable to a white privilege rich girl because they are the common dregs of society and therefore unbelievable, thus making her racist against black women?

Either way, it’s amazing to Ashleigh Banfield that white people sitting on a jury can believe evidence that’s presented to them, apparently.


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