Planned Parenthood Shooter Finally Convinces Leftists that Beliefs Matter

As of the time I sat down to write this article, we know absolutely nothing about the shooter at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado. Much of what we learn in the next 24 hours will be a mixture of falsehood and half-truths, if the normal news cycle is any indication. And yet, already we have multiple emails blaming RedState (and blogs like RedState) for the very existence of this guy. Here are a couple:


Welp. We never on this site have ever advocated violence of any kind against Planned Parenthood or anyone else, and at this point we don’t know that the guy read RedState or any other conservative publications.

But I tell you what, I find this kind of thinking from liberals refreshing. See, for months, we have been trying to say that the terrorists who go around chopping people’s heads off and screaming Allahu Akbar, or blowing up planes full of civilians in Egypt in the name of Islam, or who shoot hundreds of civilians in Paris in order to strike a blow for Allah in the name of Islam ought to be taken seriously.

We have said repeatedly, “Shouldn’t the fact that these people all claim to be acting in the name of Islam cause us all to ask some pointed questions of Muslims about the extent to which they are fostering this behavior?”

“Absurd,” say the leftists. Hillary Clinton went so far as to say that Islam has “nothing to do” with either ISIS or terrorism even though the first “I” in “ISIS” stands for “Islamic.”


So hey, welcome to the party, liberals. I’m glad we are all finally in agreement that when people do things in the name of a stated ideology, we ought to cast a good, long hard look at the preachers of that ideology to determine whether they bear some responsibility for the violent acts of their extremists.

I’m confident RedState and other conservative blogs can withstand that scrutiny.

Do liberals not have confidence that Islam can do the same?


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