Hillary Thinks She is the Only Person in America Who is Part of the 1% as a Result of Work

Just now in the CNN Debate, Hillary Clinton was asked by Anderson Cooper how she could claim to be a champion of the middle class when she is, by all accounts, part of the hated (by Democrats) 1%.

Her answer, paraphrased, was that her grandparents were poor, and her parents were small business owners, and that she was fortunate to earn money through hard work and she wants everyone else to have the same opportunity to work hard and become successful.

This astonishing response to the criticism that Clinton is part of the 1% opens a fascinating window into the mind of the Democrat when it comes to wealth. In the first place, Democrats apparently take a very Republican view of wealth, when it’s their own wealth under discussion. When anyone else works hard and earns a lot of money, they are an appropriate object of class envy and demogoguery; when Hillary Clinton does it, it’s perfectly justified and everyone should emulate her and seek to become rich just like her.

Second, Hillary’s definition of “hard work” is a little more expansive than the ordinary person’s definition of “hard work.” Rather than, say, building a business or rising through the corporate ranks, Hillary rode the coattails of her husband’s political fame into a gig where she got paid $500,000 for giving a half hour speech to charity schools and the like. If this constitutes “hard work” for which a person should be lauded if they get rich, then Hillary and the rest of her party owe a huge apology to every hedge fund manager in the country, not to mention every business owner and corporate executive who has gotten ahead in life.

What does Hillary Clinton think? That everyone else in America is rich because their parents gave them a bunch of money? Does she think her party makes any distinction between the trust fund babies and the people who are rich because they created jobs and wealth? Does she think that taxing the “rich” and “combatting income inequality” will make such distinction, or will people who got rich through actual hard work also get soaked, and will they be disincentivized from doing the “hard work” if it’s only going to be confiscated by taxation.

Apparently in Hillary Clinton’s worldview, she’s the only person in America who has actually worked for the money she has, and the rest of the people who are rich must have bilked people out of it somehow. Rules to punish thee, but not me. This worldview is of a keeping with Hillary’s view of basically all rules in life, which is why to this day she does not understand why people think she did anything wrong with respect to her emails.

It’s also why the American people increasingly view her as dishonest and untrustworthy, and why she will likely lose if she is the Democratic nominee for President.

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