Hillary Clinton's Painfully Unfunny SNL Appearance (VIDEO)


Saturday Night Live has been busy hyping the appearance of Hillary Clinton on SNL like crazy this last week. It’s no surprise that SNL is a mostly-partisan in-kind contribution to the DNC and its candidates, although they have lampooned some Democrats to success in the past.


Hillary Clinton’s appearance, however, did her absolutely no favors. She very obviously was fixating on cue cards which gave her the impression that she was neither looking at the impersonator who she was talking to in the skit, nor to the camera. For some reason, she agreed to “impersonate” Donald Trump, who is one of the easiest men in America to impersonate, and she failed miserably. I’m obviously no fan of Trump, but Clinton’s attempt to lampoon him was neither accurate nor funny. Look for yourself:

Hillary Clinton’s main goal right now is to make people like her, and nothing about this skit will successfully accomplish that. The only moderately funny moment of the bit was when she poked fun at her own very obvious ambition to be President. That said, given that people genuinely do think she will say or do anything to be President, which is one of the main problems she has right now, this won’t help anything.

Hillary’s lack of personal appeal is so stark that Democrats – who have become spoiled by the cult-like appeal of Obama’s personality – have gravitated to one of the least compelling personalities in politics: Bernie Sanders. Sanders held a rally on Saturday in Boston that actually overflowed the Boston Convention Center:

In 2007, candidate Barack Obama, drawing rockstar crowds on his way to the White House, held a rally on Boston Common that drew 10,000 people. It was the biggest political gathering in Massachusetts in decades. On Saturday, Bernie Sanders brought more than twice that number, an estimated 24,000, to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center — close to 20,000 inside the cavernous building and the rest watching a big screen outside.


For now, Hillary still holds a lead in the national polls, but the facts are that Democrat voters like Bernie Sanders, and no one really likes Hillary. The situation has become serious enough that there is a very real possibility that Sanders could knock Clinton out of the lead with a convincing win in next Tuesday’s debate. And given Clinton’s well-publicized struggles in the 2008 debates, that scenario looks increasingly likely. And if Clinton loses the lead, she lacks the personality or personal appeal to ever grab it back, as 2008 also demonstrated.

If this ploy is the best the Hillary campaign can come up with to make her more likeable, then they really and truly are doomed.


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