The Media's Staggering Hypocrisy on the Trump Questioner

The media is right now freaking out that Donald Trump did not correct a questioner who suggested that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Obviously, I am not a fan of Donald Trump but this is completely asinine, and not only that, it is ridiculously hypocritical. Whether Barack Obama is a Muslim or not is of absolutely no importance at this point – he’s never running for election again.

Whether Barack Obama is a Muslim or not is, I would think, of far less import than whether 9/11 conspiracy theories are true or not. And yet, observe here when former Democratic Presidential candidate (and former Vice Presidential nominee) John Edwards was confronted with an insane question about whether the government was responsible for causing World Trade Center tower 7 to fall:


Not only did Edwards fail to correct this obvious nutjob, but he publicly egged him on – promising that he would look into it and telling the guy to get his campaign staffer’s info and stay in touch.

Now here is the point – unless you are/were an everyday listener to conservative talk radio, you would have no memory or awareness that this interaction had ever occurred. I myself had nearly forgotten that it happened – because the media put this interaction into an absolute black hole and treated it like it never existed. In fact, it was extremely hard for me to find any record of this interaction having occurred using Google and checking news reports. If it weren’t for the habit 9/11 truthers have of obsessively saving YouTube clips of every major truther interaction that occurs, I wouldn’t have even been able to prove that this happened.

On the other hand, Trump not correcting a guy who thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim has been a national news story for four days now.

Grow up, media. There’s plenty of things to criticize Donald Trump for, but this isn’t one of those things.

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