VIDEO: Terry McAuliffe Calls for Mandatory Background Checks, Then Immediately Admits Roanoke Shooter Passed a Background Check

Terry McAuliffe rushed to the WDBJ studios in Roanoke today to continue his push to use the Roanoke shooting tragedy as leverage to grab people’s guns. Most of McAuliffe’s time was spent arguing that mandatory background checks are needed. Embarrassingly, McAuliffe was forced to admit in response to the first question asked that the Roanoke shooter himself passed a background check, thus indicating (as always seems to happen when gun control advocates seek to use tragedy to their advantage) that the legislative solution McAuliffe supported would not have even stopped the tragedy he was currently addressing.


Rough transcript:

Reporter: You say that you’ll do what you can, what can…

McAuliffe: Well, I’ll introduce legislation, as I did this session, on background checks. As I say, I’m a gun owner, I own three guns, I hunt, I like to take my boys hunting. I’ve gone through the process of background checks. You hand your license over, it takes maybe two or three minutes. Two or three minutes to find out if there’s an issue of mental illness, is there an issue of violence, domestic abuse, stalking. Some basic issues of individuals who should not own a firearm. And I just think that’s a common sense, uh, vast majority of American support.

Reporter: [crosstalk] wife Vicki, he says if this murderer didn’t have a gun, he would have had a machete..

McAuliffe: Yep.

Reporter: … or a knife, so what do you think [garbled]

McAuliffe: Even if we do move forward and can get some safe, common sense gun restrictions, you’re still not going to stop all the violence. This individual had gone through a background check. So, the point is, you’re not going to stop all violence. You’re not…. if we have background checks and one individual – next week, next month, or next year – is prohibited from buying a firearm, and we save a life, then it’s worth doing it.

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