Most Transparent Administration in History Ceases Honoring FOIA Requests


Score another one for the Most Transparent Administration in History, as the Obama Administration’s White House Office of Administration has declared (on National Freedom of Information Day) that they will no longer be honoring FOIA requests:

According to USA Today:

Unlike other offices within the White House, which were always exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, the Office of Administration responded to FOIA requests for 30 years. Until the Obama administration, watchdog groups on the left and the right used records from the office to shed light on how the White House works.

“This is an office that operated under the FOIA for 30 years, and when it became politically inconvenient, they decided they weren’t subject to the Freedom of Information Act any more,” said Tom Fitton of the conservative Judicial Watch.

Substantively, this is not a humongous issue, and lefties will doubtless be quick to point out that the first administration to assert that the Office of Administration was not subject to FOIA regulations either. However, way back in the halcyon days of 2008 this was one of the areas in which the Obama administration was going to undo much of what had been allegedly done during the Bush administration in terms of executive branch secrecy.

So while this move isn’t as damaging as, say, throwing a reporter in jail or allowing the Secretary of State to keep a private email server for the express purpose of seizing phone records and email accounts of journalists or hacking Sharyl Attkisson’s computer, it is a useful reminder that no Democrat campaign promise is to be believed, especially if that promise pertains to honesty or transparency.

And if you think Obama has blown it on this issue, just wait to see what the Democrats will bring around the corner next.