Hypocrisy is the Tribute Democrats Pay to Getting Elected

meterVia Allahpundit comes this incredible attack ad from MoveOn warning that if Republicans take the Senate, they’ll use a dubious procedure known as “reconciliation” to pass bills through the Senate (left unspoken is the indisputable fact that any Republican bills will be vetoed by Obama, but a full presentation of the facts is not really MoveOn’s strong point).



Now of course, if you’ve paid attention to the news and you aren’t a bought and paid for partisan hack (or heck, probably even if you are one of those) you will recall that the last time we heard from this nefarious monster named “reconciliation” was… back when the Democrats used it to pass Obamacare. As Allah notes:

Turns out history for the left didn’t begin on January 20, 2009 but rather in April 2010 or thereabouts. In fact, the ObamaCare omission here is so egregious, it reminds me in an odd way of those creepy liberal revisionist histories in which JFK somehow ends up dead at the hands of the right-wing city of Dallas while his left-wing assassin is conveniently airbrushed into oblivion. They used reconciliation to pass what’s arguably the most momentous piece of domestic policy of the past 50 years, and now, the instant Republicans use it for anything, the tactic will be deemed de facto cheating — despite endless leftist screeching since 2009 that we should probably go ahead and jettison the archaic 60-vote threshold for cloture entirely. You keep smiling, guys.

This particular problem with Democrats’ dizzying changes of heart isn’t limited to “reconciliation” of course. Remember back when Democrats were threatening the absolute dissolution of the entire American Republic if Republicans ended the practice of judicial filibusters through the use of the so-called “nuclear option”? Remember how two of the Senators leading that charge were [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] and Barack Obama? The Internet does:



Remember how those exact same Democrats all thought this exact same procedure was completely necessary to save the Republic in 2013? The Internet does. Or how Democrats in 2002 insisted that before Bush could use military force against Iraq, he had to go to Congress, make his case, and get congressional approval, while in 2014 the same Democrats insisted that Obama was under no such obligation?

Maybe this is a little gotcha-ish but it’s a useful reminder that elected Democrats believe in virtually nothing other than the importance of them remaining elected. They don’t even have the decency to pretend to believe in the same things they say with apparent conviction from month to month or year to year. And anyone who votes for them while under the demonstrably false belief that an elected Democrat will stick to his guns under pressure deserves what they get.




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