Lugar Campaign Starting to Reek of Flop Sweat

You can tell that the Dick Lugar campaign is terrified that they are going to lose by the emails the campaign is sending out over the last few days. Yesterday, Lugar was so desperate that he resorted to the tried and true Democrat tactic of scaring seniors about the nasty conservatives who are coming to steal their social security checks. In an email titled “Mourdock ‘just too risky’ for Hoosier senior citizens,” Lugar claimed that Mourdock wanted to slash everyone’s social security checks next year. It’s an odd attack for someone who has spent most of this campaign season trying to convince people that he’s really a conservative after all. News flash to Dick Lugar: conservatives don’t demonize Republicans over entitlement reform.


Today’s email, however, really took the cake. Over the last several days, as Lugar’s poll numbers have continued to slide, Lugar’s campaign has released a series of emails hilariously titled “Lugar-mentum.” The last item in today’s email? You’ll have to read it for yourself (and I assure you this is not a joke):

Student Body President Endorses Lugar
Terrence Lawrence, President of Carmel High School
May 1, 2012

“As a three-year member of student Senate and current student body president of Carmel High School, I can appreciate the impact experience has on an organization’s efficiency — whether that be running a school or providing good government. Senator Richard Lugar is a living example of that valuable experience, which is what we need during these difficult times facing our state and nation.”

Now look, I have nothing against Mr. Lawrence, who I am sure is a perfectly nice fellow and a capable President of his high school student body. But when a 36-year incumbent in the United States Senate has to resort to sending out endorsements from high school students, you know that very serious trouble is around the corner. Even more amusing, this particular issue of “Lugar-mentum” started with the following line from Peggy Noonan: “The most recent polls suggest Dick Lugar, the senior U.S. senator from Indiana, first elected in 1976, is on track to lose his primary on Tuesday.”


Being on track to lose apparently is what “Lugar-mentum” is all about.

Which is good news, because according to today’s polling, there’s plenty of Lugar-mentum on tap in the future.


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