Mitt Romney, of the Private Sector

Apparently, in a rush to conduct two debates on the same days as the opening round of the NFL Playoffs, there was another debate Sunday morning. If I was only vaguely aware it was occurring, I cannot imagine the audience was all that large. I mean, really, if you were a) awake, b) not at church, c) not watching the NFL pregame show, and d) actually tuned in to watch a political debate at 10 in the morning, you probably have already figured out who you’re going to vote for. That said, everyone who missed the debate missed the probable end of Romney‘s horribly phony “I’ve spent my entire life in the private sector” spiel, as Newt Gingrich apparently finally decided he’d had enough. This happened:


In fact, Newt really only touched the tip of the iceberg with respect to Romney’s many, many attempts to leave the private sector. Including primaries, Romney has participated in an astounding 22 elections (compiling an abysmal 5-17 record). Romney may have spent most of his life in the private sector, but that’s only because voters kept refusing to send him to the public sector. Romney has other things he can run on; this is one he should give a rest.



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