Joanne Kloppenburg Is Bothered By Outside Money Spent in Judicial Elections, Except for the $3 Million in Outside Money Being Spent to Elect Her

We have covered extensively how the liberals in Wisconsin are trying to overturn the results of last year’s elections by funding a massive campaign to oust conservative Justice David Prosser in favor of liberal assistant AG Joanne Kloppenburg (see here, here, and here). One of the things we have covered extensively is that Kloppenburg is the beneficiary of a massive $3 million advertising campaign sponsored by outside Democrat and union groups who hope that she will overturn the recent legislation on collective bargaining for public employees. These groups are running sleazy and malicious ads which Kloppenburg herself sees no problem with and feels for some reason that she cannot denounce, as seen here:



Now comes the ultimate irony: Joanne Kloppenburg is complaining about “outside money” being spent in judicial elections. Seriously.

The irony here is so thick it has its own gravitational field. (Internet explorer users may have trouble viewing the embed, the original is here). As Erick noted earlier today, you can’t donate to Prosser directly but you can help counter the unions’ false attacks by helping the Wisconsin Club for Growth (donate here) or donating to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (donate online here; fax donation form here).

Remember, if Kloppenburg is elected, there is a good chance that everything the Wisconsin GOP has fought for will be undone by a dishonest and partisan judiciary. If Prosser is defeated by Kloppenburg, the court will shift from a conservative majority to a liberal one. Do what you can to prevent that from happening.



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