Liberals Continue All-Out Wisconsin Assault

Having failed to protect their place at the government teat by bravely running away during the legislative session, Wisconsin liberals have apparently decided to win the fight by trying to remove conservatives from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which will presumably soon decide on whether the law stripping the public unions of collective bargaining power was properly passed. In the crosshairs right now is purportedly conservative Justice David Prosser. Now, Prosser has already been the subject of shenanigans from the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s liberal members – background on that is here. The gist of that particular case is that one of the Court’s liberal members accidentally-on-purpose leaked to the media that Prosser called one of the Court’s liberal Justices a “total b*tch” in a closed-door session about an ethics complaint concerning one of the Court’s other Justices.


Now, having lost at the polls, and lost in the halls of the legislature, the unions have figured that the courts are their last hope, and they have made Prosser (who they perceive to be pro-Walker) their next target. VerumSerum has detailed the Democrats’ involvement in the anti-Prosser campaign here. In an especially low trick, a Democrat-backed group has run a sleazy ad essentially making Prosser complicit in child molestation (from his time as a prosecutor), a trick so sleazy that the victim of the molestation has come forward denouncing it. In a debate, Prosser asked his opponent whether she would denounce the ad (not whether she would pull it, as she clearly cannot), and her response was, well, telling:


Liberals are simply refusing to accept defeat for their most sacred cow in Wisconsin. In a way, it’s inspiring, the way they bite and claw and cheat long past when the whistle has blown – inspiring in the sense that it shows us what we must be prepared to do in order to win these battles in the future. No longer is it enough to win elections and pass laws reflecting the wishes of the electorate, now we must be prepared to defend those laws from underhanded court-stacking at the hand of Democrat 527 groups willing to resort to any attack, no matter how scurrilous or dishonest. And we must be willing to fight Democrats inch for inch in the same way they have fought us – in Wisconsin and elsewhere.



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